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    Since Curses is an API, has anybody explored building a GTK/Curses or other TK mappings? Having a UI that can be navigated 100% with the keyboard is a good thing!

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      Hey, I mentioned PDCurses in the blog post as primarily being used on Windows. It also supports X11 and SDL, but is mostly a way of printing text in a graphical window, since that’s what Curses does.

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      I’d like to hear some Non-NetBSD developer on whether I should try to use NetBSD libcurses over ncurses?

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        ncurses exposes its internal data structures, NetBSD libcurses keeps them opaque.

        This is sufficient for me to recommend that folks try to be compatible with NetBSD’s implementation. Otherwise, I think that folks risk an OpenSSL-like monoculture, where the macros and private details of one particular library end up driving an entire niche of library design.

        Hat disclosure: I helped @washort with mcurses, a superficially libcurses-like module for Monte. I wouldn’t recommend using any memory-unsafe libcurses, including either NetBSD’s or ncurses.