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    Is mentioning the Lean Startup really necessary in this talk? After reading it, there were some good points made, but calling in the current buzzword approach to business (especially one as threadbare as “Lean” is now) was a little distracting for me.

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      I don’t think Lean Startup is a magic solution, and in fact I feel the standard VC model dooms most startups, and Lean Startup is only bandaid on that. On the flip side, the Lean Startup book was actually partial inspiration for this talk, since it pushed me to thinking beyond quality as goal for testing.

      More broadly, Lean Startup is the most visible methodology that talks explicitly about testing on the level of business model. And I’m trying to build a model of software testing that stretches all the way from that extreme down to the micro-level of unit testing a function. So it’s a good boundary point.