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    That was definitely much more enjoyable than I expected!

    A bit of history on commonly used terms like “log”, “patch” and “lower case”

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      I could spent hours browsing through content like this, very nice!

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        Then you would enjoy the jargon file

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        Nice article. Can anyone of elders give more information on shell word from the old times?

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          Apparently, the original Multics shell (sense 1) was so called because it was a shell (sense 3); it ran user programs not by starting up separate processes, but by dynamically linking the programs into its own code, calling them as subroutines, and then dynamically de-linking them on return.

          Source: http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/S/shell.html

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            Wow, thats a nice gem of a site. Much appreciated.