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    This isn’t even a release announcement, it’s a release announcement announcement. Should this kind of link really be allowed on lobste.rs? It’s pretty light on details, even more so on technical details…

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      And it’s from Feb 4… or is it April 2. Why aren’t we required to use ISO8601 here?

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        Yes, do you find the title misleading? I apologise if I shouldn’t have posted that.

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          No, I don’t find the title misleading, I find the article very light in terms of content. If more links like this one are submitted to lobste.rs, this would lower lobste.rs’ signal to noise ratio. This is something I would like to avoid, as the signal to noise ratio is the thing I like the most about lobste.rs. But people might disagree with me, this is why I want to start a conversation around the subject :)

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            I personally find this post interesting, as I can start looking at what to improve in my configuration for this upcoming release.

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              You’d also be able to do that when 0.7 actually gets released and the announcement inevitably ends up being submitted to lobste.rs (as it happened for 0.6, 0.5, 0.4.4…). The actual changelog will contain much more information and details too, so will be much more useful IMO.

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            Yeah, I think the actual release will be newsworthy, and it’ll be in two weeks anyway! So excite!

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          Interesting it seems that part of Neovim’s goal is to “Lua all the things!” I support this.

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            I find it somewhat annoying the number of plugins now that are “exactly like this other popular and well-established thing, only this one is Lua!”

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              And what’s wrong with that? If you can make a good plugin faster without otherwise changing it, why not do so?