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    The presentation of the Overwatch logo is disingenuous. It completely omits the circle logo

    And while we’re looking at Blizzard games:

    And it’s not just Blizzard.

    There’s clearly more than a few modern games out there that have colorful, eye-catching, iconic logos.

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      Yeah, I thought that some of his examples were overly biased. Taking the monochrome version of every logo is cheating too. Though, his main point that many triple-A games have similar looking logos (large impact-style fonts with a bit of distress) was fairly accurate which is the main reason I found it interesting.

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        It’s almost as if you want legible text, but also a clear identifiable icon!

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        I agree with the author that games should have more original logos instead of just displaying the name in a slightly distressed font.

        What I disagree with is that game logos should be less minimalist. In the early days of digital gaming, box art was done by hand for the most part, and the logos were meant to be eye-catching. This was because the actual game graphics, while good for the time, were still not good enough to be used extensively in advertising for the game.

        Game graphics are at the point where modern box art is often screenshots of the game. I believe that minimalist logos are actually a great idea now, since the focus is less on the logo and marketing than on the game itself.

        On another note, I’m not really sure what his problem with the No Man’s Sky logo is. It looks futuristic, and the way it’s used in the marketing material is very well done.

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          I thought the halo one was nicely iconic too; his problem seemed to stem from not liking the game itself

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          I would say that designers creating game logos these days seem like they don’t care anymore because consumers don’t care about the game logos anymore. The author talks about these logos as if that’s the first thing that catches someone’s eye when they see the game for the first time. “Look at this Assassin’s Creed logo. Is this what you want more of?” Sure – but it’s not because of the logo. Gamers these days have a LOT more exposure to games than they did in the ‘80s. Games literally sell themselves, because you know what they’re going to be like before you even play them, thanks to YouTube, Twitch, and promotional ads. In addition, while the logo is a decent way to communicate the art style of a game, it’s not the best way anymore. We can do a lot more graphics-wise these days than they could thirty years ago with Space Invaders. What we’ve lost in logos we’ve more than made up for in things like story, setting, atmosphere, music, and even gameplay. Halo isn’t a great game because of the logo, it’s a great game because you’ve got all of these things happening at once to make a game that’s fun to play.

          So while I agree that logos in the past used to be a lot more interesting, that’s not the focus anymore. The focus is on making a really great, convincing experience that sucks you in and makes you want more. A cool logo just isn’t going to do that on its own.

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            tl;dr: An angry, barely cohesive rant about how all new stuff sucks.

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              An angry

              Yeah, so?

              barely cohesive rant

              Not quite. The point is that modern game logos are just tall sans serif fonts with a couple brush strokes over them to make them look mildly interesting. The past of video gaming held iconic masterpieces for logos, whereas now it’s literal and uninspired.

              about how all new stuff sucks.

              Not all new stuff, just new game logos. Author even makes a point that Minecraft’s logo stands out by making an effort.

              Did you read the whole article?

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              I strongly disagree. Almost all of the retro art was very hard to read. How on earth is this [1] being held up as an example of good typographic design?

              [1] http://www.digitiser2000.com/uploads/4/0/6/6/40667199/pole_1_orig.jpg

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                Actually, he was using that as a negative example, but pointed out that at least it was “interesting”.

                His comparison of these two logos is hilarious: http://www.digitiser2000.com/uploads/4/0/6/6/40667199/us_orig.jpg http://www.digitiser2000.com/uploads/4/0/6/6/40667199/omb_orig.jpg

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                This is one medium across and one medium over, but this post strongly reminded me of this analysis of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s background music.