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    There have been so many attempts to make the dream of the free software phone a reality that have failed or come up short. I really want this project to succeed.

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      I wish the fairphone was a good free software phone. But it runs android and even the “open source” version ships binary blobs and the development process is sealed off from the public :(

      And while purism has a much better approach to open source, the hardware supply chain is much less transparent than fairphone’s.

      I support both efforts, but ideally I would like to buy a product that meets both of these goals.

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        Basically the Purism software should run on a Fairphone?

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          Not sure, what about the binary blobs that are required on the FP ? (see https://code.fairphone.com/projects/fp-osos/dev/fp2-blobs-download-page.html)

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      The corgis really sell it.