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    I feel the same as the respondents in the survey. Read receipts create a lot of pressure to reply as soon as you see something and not when you have time to properly reply. Part of the reason I love email. If someone sends me an email I can read it and then think about it for a while and come back and send them a proper rely with thought put in to it.

    I think read receipts could be perfectly replaced with what facebook messenger has a thumbs up button on the bottom of the screen which says to the other side “I acknowledge your message and no response is needed”. This works well for a huge range of messages like “Can you pick up milk on the way home”. The sender needs to see you saw it but they don’t need to hear anything back. Other messages like “Can you advise me on the best way to go about x” need time to write a good reply and they often can’t be replied to on the spot. Your options are either to give a poor answer right now or seem rude by ignoring the sender. Or like what I think many people do, read everything from the lock screen to avoid sending read receipts.