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    The “Captured identifiers in format strings” is very nice.

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      While that is pretty nice, I’m excited about:

      • File::options
      • Metadata::is_symlink
      • Path::is_symlink

      Being stabilized. They were some of the main reasons some of my projects used nightly.

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        If, like me, you’re ever wondering what’s coming in the next release, you can check the relnotes tag: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues?q=issue+label%3Arelnotes

        Spoiler: 1.59 will be stabilization of inline assembly!

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          What I really like is that you can also pass the formatting parameters like the field width without the awkward width=width.

          I just changed format!("{:>width$}", s, width=count_len) into format!("{s:>count_len$}")