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    I normally can’t stay awake watching videos (vs reading), but this video was phenomenal. I loved the complete ground up approach starting from the electrical signaling, decoding the USB protocol by hand, to finally showing the packet-level changes with different keys pressed. The signal comparison with PS/2 at the end was especially cool. Conceptually I understand 0.7ms at 16 kbits vs 1ms at 12 mbits, but seeing it on the oscilloscope was great!

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        This is the latest Ben Eater video. (If you don’t watch them regularly, I highly recommend.)

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          I first stumbled over his graphics card on a breadboard video when it was linked on HN. It was so well made that I instantly subscribed.

          But then his 6502 series started and I became a patreon supporter.

          This video series has finally removed „magic“ from the last part of my understanding of how computers work by explaining the boundary between what the CPU sees and what’s happening in the electronics.

          I have never seen such a great explanation of practically anything else before. His way of slowly working up to a goal and explaining each step and failure in between, combined with the near perfect pacing of the videos is an outstanding educational resource.

          Of course, this is all in the eye of the beholder, but for me, he absolutely hits the spot and I can’t wait to find the time to watch this latest installment