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      This smells like blogspam/promotion to me. It’s a list of sqlite3 changelog entries and promoting of their product.

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        Well, I found it useful. Only the first sentence talks about their product. And summarizing the changelog to bring attention to improvements has value, as the raw changelog is very, very verbose and most of the items in it are not of high-level importance.

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        I didn’t even think of that this way before posting. Compared to the raw changelog the filtered version is so much more useful.

        The more I look at both pages the more it seems that sqlite people are underselling their product.

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          Yeah it’s true craftsmanship. The code is in the public domain. It’s incredible software.

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        Yeah it’d be kind thing if they talked about why these changes mattered, but it’s literally just a changedump

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      SQLite is the tool I reach for the most often for personal projects. It is typically a solid foundation unless, due to business requirements or some other specific feature, I need another tool. It