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    Okay, and here is what I don’t get about the ongoing nix-declarative enthusiasm:

    How does this deal with your passwords, history, bookmarks, etc? And if it doesn’t what’s the big deal? What do I get out of this that wouldn’t be better with Firefox sync?

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      I personally use both. I use Firefox Sync to handle syncing of data I’d consider owned by the browser (history, open tabs, bookmarks). I don’t, however, consider it my browser’s job to own & manage my passwords. I keep those elsewhere and manage them separately.

      I wouldn’t say this is “a big deal”, nor a particularly strong purveyor of “the ongoing nix-declarative enthusiasm”. This is just a write up of a few behaviours I wanted from Firefox that could be expressed in a stable, repeatable, and fairly elegant manner using Nix. Firefox Sync will not give you the profile management approach I wrote about, nor will it sync your userChrome.css, or even all of your about:config settings.

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        Two follow-up questions, if I may:

        1. Can this be extended to set up the sync for the two profiles it is adding?
        2. Does setting up extensions with Nix not collide with the extensions from the syncing?
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          1. Potentially. Anything you can set in about:config (userprefs.js) can be expressed here. So if there’s a setting for that, then yes it could also do that
          2. I don’t sync my extensions via Firefox Sync, so I’m not entirely sure