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    I’ve been following the development of Makepad and it’s author Rik over the last year. It’s really a great piece of software and there are some very interesting concepts in Makepad. There is a macro that compiles a subset of Rust code into shaders based on the target platform (e.g. GLSL, HSLSL). One thing that amazes me over and over again is that Rik tends towards ripping out large pre-existing libraries in favour of smaller, self-built implementations such as microjson, and others. While makepad is not necessarily designed as a full on editor replacement, I do think if someone takes it and adds ropes, extensions and some quality of life stuff, we might getting really close to a Sublime-Like high-performance open source editor.

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      Nice! Is it possible to add mobile support?

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        This is amazing how fast this loads and executes in Chrome on my iPhone XR!