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    Accessibility isn't a11y world.hey.com
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    I just see a single sentence? Is this intended? sigint is talking about Twitter? What? I’m confused.

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      Yep, it was one sentence. Just a random thought posted to the interwebs.

      I’ve updated it slightly, and now it’s like 3 sentences. Hopefully reads less like a Tweet.

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      This idea of the “Twitter feed but via RSS on it’s own site” is an interesting one. Do you find yourself missing being on the platform itself?

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        Just a random thought I put on my crappy blog.

        At work I come across the idea a lot that we’d be “accessible” or “WCAG compliant” if we fix the backlog of accessibility bugs. But I don’t think that’s right.

        Sometimes I write stuff to work through my own thought process. And occasionally submit these thoughts to this site.

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          Updated to be more than a sentence. Hopefully it reads less like a Tweet now.

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        I appreciate the succinctness. You could write an article with a lot of fluff and support points if you felt like you had to support/sell the idea. But I think its easily understood and an important reminder worth posting.

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          Its just so easy to get caught up in a backlog and not think about how the next swath of issues will come in as your working on the current ones.