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    It’s remarkable what low standards Windows users have for software installers. Besides the garbage “wizard” UI that 99% of windows software packages use, half of them try to install ads or toolbars or trial software or other garbage on your computer.

    No other OS has this ridiculous tradition. I suspect Apple, for example, would revoke an AMD-sized company’s developer certificate if they tried something like this on macOS. It’s obviously not a problem on Linux; any package maintainer that knowingly allowed adware in a package would be fired.

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      It is disgusting how regular users are treated.

      For a long time, default installation options for windows programs would sneak adware, browser settings changes, stupid app preloaders (aka we are so bad at engineering we need to run at startup to not start so slowly), and grab hold of every little nook and cranny they could. Why? Because profit.

      Meanwhile the power users of windows would admonish regular users for not thoroughly combing installers for all the options they need to disable.

      This is playing out again on the web, with all the major companies hoarding more and more user data to show still-poorly targeted ads.

      It is clear that tech sees no moral objections to how it treats users. Amusingly, this sort of banal perspective sucks the imagination out of companies and slows actual innovation.

      Seriously, consumer tech just depresses me. :(

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        It’s usually possible to install just the driver, but the default download is the full value add experience rama.

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          I mostly agree but Apple did bundle app installs with updates of unrelated software. We spent a long time in information security trying to convince lay people to automatically download updates. Then, Apple has to risk that by sneaking in a whole browser or whatever it was. So, they might be better on this (idk cuz I’m on Linux) but still watch them.

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          My first thought: “oh no, don’t give Nvidia any ideas…”

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            As an update, the drivers were updated to remove the shortcut: https://twitter.com/CatalystMaker/status/857766176910446596