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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I will help two non-technical people to understand the basics of Python by building a robo car!

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        That is totally awesome! What environment will you use to help them get going? I know Mu has a bunch of built in support for interacting with robotics and IoT platforms.

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          I use a kit by Sunfounder – initially, I wanted to use a micro:bit but my order was not fulfilled.

          We use Thonny as IDE.

          Didn’t know about Mu, will for sure have a look at this! Thanks!

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      I asked for a raise at work and was told that I am “useless” and a “net drain on the company” and that it was an insult for me to ask. Which, even if those things were true (I personally think they’re not), that is absolutely not something you say to an employee lol. They didn’t fire me so I must not be useless, at least, but I will be applying to new jobs starting tomorrow.

      And they won’t be getting two weeks notice, lol.

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        Damn, if you can afford to, you should leave immediately IMO. Screw that shit, nobody gets to talk to you like that, it doesn’t even matter if they’re right or not.

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          There’s a lot more to complain about. The boss accusing a coworker who wasn’t present of having dementia, calling the police on the last person who quit, etc. I’m getting out of there ASAP, but I feel for my coworkers who have to stay.

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      Boat weekend! As a massive storm rolls across Wales with 60+mph winds forecast! Gonna be a bumpy stay.

      Essential things to get fitted to my friend’s boat this weekend, like a water pump (workaround for broken one in this thread) and a new heater. (The last heater was condemned by the surveyor as, “if you turn this on, you will die from poisonous fumes”.)

      Hopefully there’ll be some sun and good waves on the beach too. And not too many trees down in North Wales on the A roads, otherwise getting there/back might be fun.

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      Looking at houses to buy. Purchasing rock climbing gear for the outside. Trying to level on final fantasy xiv online.

      Looking like a good one so far!

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      I’m playing around writing something like hostap in rust. Mostly as an exercise in learning more about 802.11 internals[0], and practising writing semicomplicated networking code in rust.

      [0]: Did you know:

      • Wifi Beacons frequently contain a high resolution time (1/1024s resolution) + timezone information? You can find out the current local time without even having to send a single packet, let alone associate!
      • A Wifi Beacon can say that the AP is on a Automobile (or Track), Airplane, Bus, Ferry, Ship or Boat, Tram, MotorBike, or other unspecified Vehicle (amongst various other buildings/institutions)? (Table 9-66 of 802.11-2020).
      • There is a way to do “Emergency Alerts” (eg Tornado Alerts). (Section 11.22.7 of 802.11-2020). No idea if anyone actually implements this. I’ve not looked closely, but I’ve not yet found any way to mitigate the obvious abuse.
      • There is a way to do “Emergency Phone Calls” (eg E911), where you can ask an AP you don’t normally have permission to associate with to give you the ability to do an emergency phone call. (Section R.5,
      • There are two channel 2s.
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      Trying to make an Emacs-package + firefox extension which will allow me to “archive” my firefox tabs in an org-mode subtree. I am sick of having 30 tabs open out of which I only interact with 5 in a day, but am too paranoid to delete them. I am aiming for a consult/avy-buffer like UI for my tabs; so I can just archive a tab into a plain text file, and then go through my list of archived tabs. Maybe tag tabs as well, like Chrome’s tab groups. I’ve tried a lot of FF addons which provide a tree/groups for tabs, but I’ve found them to be too buggy and have often lost huge lists of tabs. I want my tabs in a plain-text file which is under VC so I can procrastinate them in peace.

      PS I use EXWM, so when I talk about consult-buffer like UI, I mean actual Emacs completion UI, not somethign in Firefox like Tridactyl.

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        Make sure to check the native messaging part of the WebExtension. It worked for my “what was that github repo from X days ago” use case.

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          I’ve been looking into that. I was unable to figure out how to get Firefox addon talk to Emacs. Because native messaging needs an app which accepts input from stdin and outputs to stdout, and this “native app” is started from browser’s side. But I couldn’t find a way to launch an emacsclient which can behave like this. So I’ve decided to write a small script (“native app”) which:

          • Starts on browser’s request
          • Along with stdin, watches a file for input
          • Browser sends its messages via stdin. Emacs sends its messages by writing to the file.
          • Browser gets its messages via stdout. “native app” will directly call emacsclient --eval '(some-elisp message)' to send messages to Emacs

          I couldn’t write any code to verify this though; I hope it’ll work.

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        FWIW I recently found TabStash and it’s working quite great for me as of now, interface-wise. It let’s you easily archive tabs into bookmarks - so not into org-mode, but maybe it could help you solve part of your plan, e.g. you could sync just the bookmarks it created to org-mode, or fork the plugin and tweak its source to your liking.

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        Why not just have a native messaging webextension that calls a small script that appends to a text file? if you want to have it in some special thing that needs to be processed by emacs for whatever reason you could have a minor mode or just a command that any time you switch to a particular buffer or run that command it takes from that file and merges it into the “master” file and then truncates the file or delineates the file in some fashion to indicate where to start for the next import.

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      Organising my web browser bookmarks. I used to maintain a hierarchy of bookmarks in Firefox, but stopped that years ago and started relying on the awesomebar and search to find things. But I realised I missed having a nicely curated set of links to interesting stuff to share with others.

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        Maybe have a look at linkding, https://github.com/sissbruecker/linkding Have it running on a Raspberry Pi 3Aplus, so could also run on a Zero 2 W

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        I feel like this is a neglected space that’s just BEGGING for some more innovation.

        There used to be del.icio.us which then jumped the shark, and Pinboard took over. And they’re great - particularly the gent who runs it, but the service itself has UX that’s worse than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. The maintainer claims he can’t make changes to his software due to old PHP versions and manpower.

        There are a bunch of open source self hosted alternatives and I REALLY want/need to explore that space more thoroughly, because I personally LOVE having a ‘tags’ approach to bookmark curation.

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          I run an instance of linkding it uses sqlite as the storage engine so backups are trivial and it is rpretty lightweight. It comes with chrome and Firefox extensions too. No complaints here: https://github.com/sissbruecker/linkding

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            I just deployed it with docker-compose and am getting a 500 error immediately on login.

            In typical docker fasion, I can’t figure out where the logs are and don’t have any of the usual introspection tools.

            Time to dig in a bit and debug what’s happening here, I guess :)

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              I basically use the docker-compose from the docs and it works totally fine.

              The logs are available via docker logs (-f) <container-name>

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                I think it might be because I’m trying to have it store its data in a CIFS mounted folder, and SQLite isn’t happy about that.

                I’ll try a redeploy with that stuff on a regular filesystem and just export backups once in a while :)

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                Yup. It was me out-clevering myself. I decided to run it on my cloud droplet anyway so I wouldn’t have to play Tailscale games to access it from work, and it spun up like a charm.

                I’m using Caddy as the https reverse proxy because I’m deeply lazy and hate engaging in EPIC BIG BATTLE with nginx or Apache for something I can do in 3 lines of Caddyfile :)

                Thanks for the rec!

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            Ah! Linkding looks PERFECT thank you very much!

            I host a number of docker apps at home, this would be an easy addition :) I also super appreciate that backup is so simple, IMO this has to be rock solid if I’m going to rely on it.

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      Struggling like crazy to come to grips with debugging Javascript applications in browser.

      I feel like front end programming is the new embedded system :) I’ve been SO spoiled all these years coding Python with my nice IDE and REPL and command line that this world of in browser debugging and IDE configuration is making my head spin :)

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        I mean, at least Firefox and Chrome both have rather capable debuggers for JS, as long as you have access to the source code. There’s even a debugger; statement that acts as a breakpoint if the debugger is open, and does nothing if it’s not.

        Modern webpack configuration can be quite a bit. If you’re just looking for an easy-to-use build tool, I found esbuild to be easier to get started with, and debugging is almost always something I’d do in the browser, not in another IDE, just as a FWIW.

        Browsers are a lot to get used to.

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      I’m working on an idea of a side-project. I think I’m addicted to side-projects 🙈

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      I plan on finishing up scene import in vectron. That has involved getting ahold of lulpeg, a lua-only version of LPeg, and building some PEGs for the limited scene formats I’m saving/loading from the clipboard. I’ve started on this, but should be finishing it up tomorrow.

      Other than that, catching up around the house, and resting.

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      Continuing to migrate to my PinePhone as a daily driver, while continuing to despair at the sheer amount of bad faith in tech.

      Google offering Chat as a Chrome app only, while blocking logins from open source browsers like Web (the default browser on Mobian) for “security reasons”. Authy refusing to allow token export, likewise for “security reasons”. And so it goes.

      Edited: oh, and getting ready to wrap up my current job at the end of the week! The job hunt was successful :) Now I just have to hope my decaying MacBook issued by my current employer lasts the next five days … Bluetooth is intermittent and the keyboard is failing …

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      I’m writing a Visual Studio Code extension for a declarative integration testing runner1 written by some colleagues. To my surprise VSCode’s APIs are way harder to use than I would have expected. The documentation is there, the examples exist and are working, and the bootstrapping is great, but it’s still kinda hard to get into. Probably because of some holes in the documentation, but it’s not that easy to pinpoint.

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      Working on builtwithdjango :)

      Want to tackle:

      • invitations
      • project sorting & filtering
      • revamping the project submission page
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      Hacking on an FP interpreter, going for walks, and having dinner with my parents.

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      I just installed chromium via snap on ubuntu 18.04 since the built-in package has still not received an update for a zero-day released earlier this week (‘sudo snap install chromium’ in case someone else needs to do the same.) I haven’t decided yet if I’m up to customizing the apparmor profile. Generally the default profile going to be more permissive than I like, but it’s kind of long to go through.

      Hacker dojo reopened on Monday so I intend to go there sometime this weekend and check it out.

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        Isn’t 18.04 EOL?

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          No, it’s LTS and LTS is 5 years now. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases