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    Awesome! Coming from the small OCaml community (and the slightly larger functional programming community), it’s always exciting to see a new place where my favorite languages can now be used. Of course it’s not without it’s issues (often the cause of the lack of existing libraries in functional languages), but in many cases I do think that reinventing the wheel a little bit can help out in the long run and it’s not something that we should be frightened of doing.

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      OK, while I can appreciate people being excited about seeing OCaml in the wild, especially in places it might not often be used, but I have to wonder what it can actually bring to the table in cost/value terms over using a technology that’s custom tailored to operational tasks like Ansible, Chef or Puppet.

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        Ocaml’s advanced type system and safety aspects would bring additional safety to your “recipes” as compared other languages, such as the ones used in the tools you mentioned, i.e, Python and Ruby.