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I use the recent RSS feed to get the latest lobsters articles, and, occasionally, my feed will cache a lobsters article that has been deleted for whatever reason. Up until recently, I could go in to the moderation log and see the deletion and the reason why, but I noticed last week that there was a story that was deleted that was not noted in the moderation log. I just noticed the same thing happening again with this story https://lobste.rs/s/xmxneh/re_it_s_time_for_us_tech_world_speak_out which was a link to http://len.falken.ink/philosophy/re:its-time-for-tech-to-speak-up-about-cryptocurrency.txt

I don’t have a problem with stories being deleted for whatever reason, but I see no record of this in the moderation log, and it seems like this is going against the transparency policy of the site. Is the moderation log lagging somehow, or is there some technical reason for this with the new database?

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    Nothing’s changed there, as you can see in the codebase. That story caught 3 ‘spam’ flags and was deleted by the submitter.

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      Ahh, thanks, I didn’t realize that if the story was deleted by the submitter it wouldn’t show up in the moderation log. Makes sense now that I think of it. Cheers!

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      Isn’t it possible for submitters to delete their own submissions? If so, that seems like a reasonable explanation.

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        Yep. The check for deleting is the same as the check for editing, and it’s implemented to permit editing for six hours.