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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      After convincing a German bank to give me a mortgage, I no longer need to be a full-time worker to check any boxes to meet long-term goals, and I’ve dropped my working hours to 8h/wk. There are 3 projects that I’m particularly excited about spending more time on this week and for the next few months at least:

      • sled is so close to something I can tell people is stable and reliable for long-term projects, but I still need to rearrange a few key architectural pieces to consume significantly less memory and disk space for “aged” regions of data that can slide across the RUM-conjecture space toward cold and compact after being represented in a contention-friendly-yet-higher-memory form while being actively modified. Once sled uses less space for non-hot items, I will feel comfortable calling it stable and a good choice for long-term projects in Rust.

      • seaslug is currently a collection of buzzwords, but over time I hope to grow it into a small actor-based language that plays nicely with SMT-based test case generation and runs atop a fat runtime leveraging sled, io_uring, and software transactional memory for handling the stuff that has nothing to do with modeling or instrumenting the world outside the program. A lot of studying different rabbit holes inspired by Frank Pfenning’s recent CMU course on Bug Finding, the feature reduction that gives Ada SPARK such applicability to mechanical reasoning and usage in safety-critical spaces, past experience with simulation and property testing, why3, and generally wanting the language to guide people to thinking more about modeling the world outside the program than the peculiarities of the language itself, gives me a lot of fun stuff to learn about and maybe a usable language will pop out :)

      • preparing for a possible PhD entrance exam after learning that several German institutions may let me skip a master’s due to my open source database work, have relatively light teaching load, and zero required classes to possibly get it with ~3 years of effort. I’m particularly interested in thinking more about pulling probabilistic control theory and data structure design together to build low-configuration highly-flexible in-memory and persistent data structures that move along the RUM conjecture space.

      The main point of dropping to 8h/wk is to spend significantly more time with the people in my life given the uncertainty of societal stability over what I could assume to be a natural lifespan otherwise, but I think these technical projects will also be fun and worthwhile in the extra time I have now :)

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        Amazing. I’ve followed your work on sled for a while now, so I’m happy to hear that’s almost done. But more happy that you’re building a life in a thoughtful way. Congratulations and best of luck.

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        A lot of studying different rabbit holes inspired by Frank Pfenning’s recent CMU course on Bug Finding

        These lectures aren’t publicly available anywhere, are they? The YouTube playlist appears to be private.

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          I’ve been going through the available notes and code samples, which are still quite loaded with fascinating perspectives and pointers to related work.

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      Trying to figure out what to do. It’s OK to do nothing at all, but I can’t be doing nothing all the time.

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      Vacations were supposed to start today. But 5pm Friday we received the call that we’ll have to quarantine due to one of my kids classmate getting covid. Hence, trapped at home with 3 kids under 7 for the next two weeks. I guess I’ll be trying to keep their cabin fever in check. Maybe I’ll get to catch up on my books backlog a bit. Or do some woodworking.

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        That’s shit! Had something similar a few weeks back. I really hope you’ll be able to take a vacation after this. Good luck.

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      I’m going to write a blog post about how to reason and quantify reliability for a complex network of subsystems. I’ve seen people discussing it in comments on a few different platforms, and I think an accessible primer on the topic is needed.

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      Tomorrow afternoon I’m driving down to Trinidad, Colorado, to spend a few days (or maybe a week) playing outside and exploring the area. There’s a hundred mile gravel loop I want to ride as an overnight trip, and some shorter gravel loops that I’d like to ride. I’m also bringing my fly rod and hiking boots.

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      Aside from work, I fell into an essay this morning about how communication technology is evolving the way people communicate. Need to dig my way out of that.

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      Lark work: Finishing up the Javascript port, and improving the new online IDE.

      I also need to figure out by the end of the week where to travel next. Maybe Amsterdam?

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      Hunting for a new project.

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      Rush at $work juggling between two deadlines :-)

      I finally settled to get an Akai MPC One after passing way too much time digging and learning about music hardware and production. I have discovered Super collider during my fall in the rabbit hole. Maybe try to also play a bit with it to understand more sound synthesis.

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      Trying to get PHP’s fibers working on AIX* and facing PPC calling convention issues and the assembly not matching reality. This is the most I’ve seen gdb work without shitting the bed, so that’s nice.

      * actually an AIX syscall emulator

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      Interleaved with some contract work, I’m going to be dropping some old APIs in haskell-capnp and doing some much needed performance tuning.

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      Finishing sub-rosa, my program to turn Patreon e-mail subscriptions into RSS feeds. (Patreon’s API is apparently… bad.)

      Then, working on a command line media player. A cmus clone, but more suited to my desired aesthetics.

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      Apparently I’m learning Gregg shorthand. It’s neat!

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      $work - finishing off some long overdue upgrades and holding down the fort whilst others are off on annual leave.

      !$work - ripping my Lack Rack apart and moving everything onto shelves. Need to consolidate two sets of drawers in the office into one so the sofa bed can be opened, which means the printer has to move into the space the Lack Rack used to occupy. Downside of having a massive laser printer/scanner 🙃

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      I’ve been helping out the PureScript community with tooling around the tooling. There’s editor plugin and Nix to support for the two new formatters: purs-tidy and a prettier plugin, pose. Outside of this, I want to get my blog migrated away from an old Hakyll setup + Netlify to Nix + Soupault + Sourcehut.

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      Started messing around with phpipam (https://phpipam.net/) for the homelab over the weekend, I really like it and going to spend some more time setting it up. It may be a tiny bit overkill for my needs, but lightweight and polished and seems to work well.

      Have a python project at work I need to place focus on, as well as some change requests to get completed a couple nights this week, so that will occupy most of my time this week, is it Friday yet!!??

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      Work: something something opensips…. I thought I would have the opportunity to set up Hashicorp Vault and Consul, but, customers interfered with my fun again!

      Not work: Writing somehting like Anki or SuperMemo in Nim. Sick of Anki being impossible to build.

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      Hosting the Vuejs//Berlin meetup today and finally after a long time in person! The rest of the week will be mainly work related.