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    Sorry for commenting besides the point, but that’s an incredibly good looking layout.

    edit Content is diamond too, and most needed as I’m currently (or always?) in the process of figuring out how to have a good and fulfilling relationship with org-mode.

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      There ought to be some term like “neat sniping”. org-mode been it for me. I have made a deal with myself: Emacs is for code (fine: and email and IRC), but not for notes or TODOs. I deliberately use the least powerful tool for that. Slightly jealous of those who can make it work without getting side-tracked, though.

      That is one beautiful website BTW.

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        Any time I try to replace even bog-standard, unconfigured org-mode with some other format/editor it feels like writing with a pen in your mouth. Sure, words get written but the experience is terrible.

        Emacs is for writing and reading text. Email, TODOs, anything text.

        – Sent from Emacs

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        Sorry, I’m interested but not reading light gray text on white background. Please post again with better contrast that won’t make me snow blind.

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          I bought the book “Getting Things Done” a few years ago but never got around to reading it…

          I did start reading it but it’s so long. This is a great description of how it works in practice: I think I got more out of this article than I did out of hours trying to read the GTD book.

          However, I still find the whole process overly complex. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose, but I much prefer Jeff Huang’s system: https://jeffhuang.com/productivity_text_file/