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Writango is a publishing platform that lets your audience play your content like a presentation.


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    Looks nice! The landing page would be a bit more readable if it didn’t have the animated gif on the side, it is very distracting.

    Though I wonder if it is not a solution looking for a problem, why would someone want to read my notes as a presentation? I usually just want to convert my own notes into a presentation so that I can present them. But then I typically want a different granularity than presenting per sentence. I have good experiences with the following tools doing that:

    • org-mode: does everything from simple notes to Jupyter-like notebooks with in-line code execution. Supports export to LaTeX beamer, S5, reveal.js, etc.
    • pandoc: converts between various formats, including Markdown to LaTeX beamer, S5, reveal.js, etc.
    • Deckset: native Mac app that allows you to present Markdown files, with PDF export. Has great support for source code listings, highlighting in steps, etc. I don’t like the formatting as much as LaTeX beamer, but it is particularly useful when I am in a hurry.

    My favorite among these org-mode, since I can generate graphs and such directly from the document.

    Of course, I might just not be in the target audience.

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      Thank you for the feedback! Yes, the gif is distracting. I’ll see how to give the crux of the app without the gif.

      This largely came out of my own itch. Just like you, I organise my thoughts into notes because that works better than slides, titles and content. Eventually I want to convert it into a rough presentation with absolutely zero effort, re-organising. And that’s how I ended up building one.

      The tools you’ve mentioned look good. There’s no reason why Writango is better than those if you are looking for serious re-organization of notes into presentations. I guess Writango is for the not-so-serious, rough ones :)

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        Sounds fair. It definitely has a less steep learning curve than org-mode or pandoc.

        Keep up the good work!

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        How do you generate graphs in org mode?

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            My personal favorite is ggplot through R. I suspect for interactivity that Python/bokeh might be an option that works well.