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      Yet we still don’t have a good, semantic element to build decent menuing systems with (like ones that need expand, or keeping the menu open when you’re heading in the direction of that fly-out submenu item). Nobody seems to agree on a semantic element for admonitions either despite how common they are (aside’s implicit complementary role makes it unsuitable, a blockquote is 100% always the wrong semantics, and a div is too generic to be useful for reader mode, TUI browsers, forced styles).

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        What is an adminition in this context?

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          I understand “admonition” to be a callout like a tip, warning, caution, etc. It’s common in technical documentation.

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            Same here. Very strange phrase to use for it, I think.

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              But it is the phrase most frameworks and lightweight markup systems use.

              …& more, but I think you get the point.

              I wouldn’t mind calling it “callouts“ tho as English could use less French etymological influence :P

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