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    As someone who feels like they know next to nothing about compilers and how they work, I found this really pleasantly easy to follow. This is a really good talk!

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      SPJ’s talks (and papers!) are always excellent. He addresses subtle topics with lucidity rare across both industry and academia, never mind among Haskell fans ;)

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        Other thing he has is enthusiasm which gets audience motivated. Just a great presenting style. Another I know a bit like that from CompSci is Anil Madhavapeddy. He’s always joyous and full of energy with good info on things like MirageOS.

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      With the classic 360p/comic sans. The secret truth is that all GHC development was accomplished in a few furious months of work in 1991 and the results are being drip-fed out so that systemic shock does not destroy the programming community.

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        Haha. That’s oil, finance, media, and big firms selling legacy software for mission-critical systems at Fortune 500. Haskell folks are the rebels trying to shake the system up. Whose main proponent works at one of top firms I just described. He aims to break the shackles of the system from within using their own money. A programming subversive, maybe? :)

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        Anyone know if there’s a plan to update Vector to eliminate the Skip constructor from streams? I imagine they’d want to wait at least a few months so people can update their compilers, but I’m curious what the performance difference is.