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Hey all.

We’ve just launched our new podcast, General Intellect Unit. We’ll be analyzing the intersection of Technology, Politics and Philosophy from an unapologetically far-left perspective. In this episode we outline the premise of the show and talk a bit about Marx’s idea of a “General Intellect”, and how that relates to technical production.

In the next episode we’ll be taking a look at Peter Frase’ book “Four Futures”.

If you like this first episode, we’d greatly appreciate if you subscribed, like’d, shared, or whatever, to help us reach a wider audience.

Oh, and you can follow us at https://twitter.com/giunitpod, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.


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    Sounds good so far! It would be better if you had some reading material that you could include in the podcast description.

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      Noted, will be sure to include some links to reading material in future episodes :)

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      This is a much needed perspective on tech to balance the generally libertarian bent of Silicon Valley.

      But I was a bit put off by the fanboyism displayed about communism/the left. I was hoping for a more nuanced discussion about how current trends relate to particular theories. Think a left leaning version of Ben Thompson’s Exponent podcast.

      Anyway best of luck! I’ll keep listening.

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        You had me at “General Intellect” but lost me at “Marxist”. Meh.

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          The general intellect is a Marxist concept; it’d be hard to have a podcast about it without at least implicitly using a Marxist framing.

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          Venezuela called. They’d like you to wake up and smell their coffee. It’s quite a strong brew too.

          I can’t help but wonder how many hundred million people need to die under tyrannical Marxist/Communist/Socialist regimes for people to finally conclude that Marxism really is a bad idea.

          No, I don’t want to discuss the supposed differences between those concepts. They’re roughly the same in the ways that matter.

          It’s always the same excuse too, and boils down to: “Disincentivizing of being productive and massive resource misallocation just weren’t done right!!”.

          Naturally then, mass destitution, starvation and death camps followed! Duh? What would you expect when Uncle Karl’s sagely teachings were misinterpreted?!

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            To turn the question around, how many need to die under Capitalism in order for us to see that as a bad system?

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              This Lobsters thread, especially with @rama_dan’s start, is not going to be the conversation that hashes out the historical judgment and future prospects for these political and economic systems. Maybe let’s settle for linking to the good sources that must exist on the topic.

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                There’s plenty of educational material on the Mises Institute’s website.

                Here’s a random example: https://mises.org/library/socialism-economic-and-sociological-analysis

                People just tend to be allergic to obvious truth that goes against their preconceived notions, and people like the idea of “Marxism” because it appeals to our sense of entitlement.

                We don’t want to work for a living, we tend to feel like we’re underpaid (~“exploited”!!), and we’d much prefer others to work for us.

                Meanwhile, governments are happily arranging for police states all around the world, and the masses clamoring for more Socialism (~government intervention) supports their goals nicely.

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                  Thank you for the link, I’m sure folks will find it useful for understanding these huge topics.

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                round, how many need to die under Capitalism in order for us to see that as a bad system?

                Yup, people die every day. But fortunately it seems like the world has never been better: https://ourworldindata.org/

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                  Are you kidding me?

                  Take a look at Venezuela, and compare it to a “Capitalist” Western country, and re-think your question.