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    If anyone is wondering about what the coverage of the implementation is like I was, this seems to be the list: https://rustpython.github.io/pages/whats-left (and a more comprehensive list that was updated recently from regression test coverage?). Although I see some pretty popular modules in there it is still difficult to tell how much impact the lack of support would have on the average Python project.

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      WASM support is great, but the main thing I’d like to know is if it’s faster than CPython and if there’s still a GIL.

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        Somebody needs to make one of these for Ruby

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          not CPython bindings

          I would be beyond impressed if this could be solved, but it’s an uphill battle to dethrone CPython when the binary module ecosystem is locked into CPython. What you have then is python without popular packages like numpy. Those binary modules are CPython specific (even have to be compiled for a specific CPython version).

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