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    Literally a link to a single tweet.

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      As are all these

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        And much of those are similarly shallow as well.

        Look at your own “Should designers” submission there. Most of those are either mistagged, news, or just pictures and retweets. Even the security stuff by @itistoday would be better served by a blog post instead of “huh, this a fast discussion about something I found odd, and a screenshot or two”.

        I would suggest that there is very little, if anything, that can be posted to lobsters whose length is shorter than 140 codepoints.

        You understand that Twitter (and similar services) work basically because of the random-schedule positive reinforcement hack for human behavior, right? That the only thing good about it is that it provides an unpredictable drip of novelty? And that things off of twitter are, by construction, either better found elsewhere (just post the thing being linked) or are inherently too short for meaningful analysis and discussion?


        Like even here, as much as I may like Snowden, he is hardly an expert source on this. For example, a more important precedent in case law for tech is arguably Vernor v. Autodesk, 2008.

        We shouldn’t assume that celebrity is interchangeable with talent or authority.

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