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    Echoing @fs111 I’d note that it’s not good community manners to make your first post a self-post.

    Should keep in mind to post more third party content then first party.

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      I’d disagree, I think this is fine. There’s no rule about this, so “bad community manners” is more of a personal preference.

      Good content is good content, no matter whether it’s first party or third party.

      Now is this good content? I personally feel it’s a little boring, and since it’s a company blog, that may make people suspect blogspam. But telling OP that the problem would be solved if they posted some other people’s content first before posting their own won’t help the quality of their content. Specific feedback about this content (not meta issues) would help future content.

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        Noted. I will be sure to keep that in mind from now on.

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        Really nice work, thanks for sharing both the process and the data!

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          I am on the edge to mark this as hidden product spam. It sure reads like a paid ad disguised as a blog.

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            Author here. We don’t have any affiliation with Sourcegraph, but I do very much like their product and know some people there. I hope there’s more value in the blog post than our use of Sourcegraph. That said, I appreciate the feedback about the positioning of the blog post.