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    You know what’s really missing from public space? More government software highlights.
    There’s some great software coming from various world governments at the same time some of the worst software is coming from the same source too. It’s such a peculiar tech world and it’s easy to focus on the awful software but no one really highlights the cool stuff these people do.
    Maybe it’s time for public software education and research agency, especially if we are still sticking to this future where “everyone programs”.

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      The UK government has its many failing, but its web services are second to none.

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        Well, the web services they do have are indeed pretty good, but other countries have e.g. tax filing fully digitised. As a non-UK resident with UK-based income, I’ve so far not been able to file self-assessment online in the UK, as various components of the form which are relevant in my case still haven’t been digitised. My situation can’t be that rare, so I strongly suspect there are various other situations where you can’t file online either. Meanwhile, I’ve submitted absolutely every single tax filing in Austria, no matter how obscure, online - since 2008, when I first needed to start filing here.

        Offline or online, the explanation sheets on the UK filings are much clearer however. The Austrian ones are largely quotes or paraphrasings of the relevant part of the tax laws, which requires a lot of unpicking, or help from an accountant. (In fact the edge cases are often so difficult to nail down that we’ve regularly had accountants give us incorrect advice, so we’ve ended up going back to doing the filing ourselves. Whenever I raised something that didn’t seem quite right with the accountants, they just asked the tax authorities for clarification, who invariably didn’t reply, so I was left to research and interpret the relevant laws myself anyway.)

        I do also really appreciate the team publishing stuff like the linked article.

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        This seems so cool. Perhaps it could be shortened with an input type=“numeric” instead of “number”

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          I propose type=“digital”.

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            “Can’t handle binary input?! No government support for you!” is one way of saving taxpayer money…

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              Not “binary”, I meant “digital” as in “digits only, no A-Z, emoji or other fancy stuff” :)

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                Isn’t that what “numeric” means in this case?