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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Trying to lock down a new apartment as I’m currently living with my now ex. I’m feeling a bit anxious about it so hopefully it’ll be settled soon.

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      That does sound stressful, I hope it all works out soon.

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        Thanks, I really appreciate it

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        Not easy. Lived at my ex’s place for a while also, we didn’t live together tho after we broke up, she just let me stay there.

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        Last week of current job, so mostly running round trying to make sure I’ve written down everything I said I would. Also going into the office to hand equipment back and grab lunch with a couple of colleagues.

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          Lots of short timers here this week! Congratulations!

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          I’m working on a third post in my LLVM internals series.

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            Last full week at my current job, so I’m not assigned to anything at the moment and am spending my remaining days writing up documentation for projects I was primary maintainer for and was never given the time to document prior to now.

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              Trying to minimize the amount of stupidity and extra complexity that gets dragged into an Important Demo being done this week.

              Lots of people trying to Make Decisions rather than just telling the people who do demos all the time to make a demo happen.

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                I finally decided to implement a character counter for Subreply. The good thing is the ASCII only input which makes str.length work as expected in JavaScript.

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                  subreply looks incredibly cool! I just signed up.

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                    Thanks for signing up! I followed you. :)

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                      Awesome! I followed you back. Looks like I can’t post until I am approved and deemed worthy :)

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                    I’ve been working on a very unconventional idea of exposing an HTTP interface for Postgres https://github.com/maxpert/phanpy

                    There are options like PostgREST, or GraphQL, but I’ve never been convinced of DSLs, or new query language being as robust and powerful as SQL itself (I can keep ranting for my experiences but I won’t do it here). It streams the rows, hence the memory overhead is extremely low (over 1K RPS under 50MB). I’ve had in production with all these DSLs. While I am still working on adding resilience features like circuit breakers, and stampede prevention I am open to suggestions and feedback.

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                      What makes PostgREST exceptional is the fact that it propagates HTTP headers to the query environment (including auth proxy headers).

                      Is phanpy safe in this regard, or is it possible to craft such a query that would trick your views and stored procedures into thinking the caller is somebody else?

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                        Not yet. I am answering the fundamental questions yet. It is extremely important that I validate the fit and correctness of solution first. These edge cases can land in later.

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                      I’m continuing to read “Threaded Interpretive Languages”. The author builds a language using the Z80 instruction set, and my current thought is “can I build one using the JVM as my machine?”

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                        At work, I’m continuing to work on the function Inliner for our Python runtime.

                        At home, I’m teaching my second week of class and very much looking forward to it.

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                          I’m gonna do some work on waifud!

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                            waifud looks neat! I’m using ProxMox on a couple of different machines. Was thinking about clustering them but since they share the same remote backup volume I can just restore anything I want to replicate from backups and it works like magic so I may remain lazy and not do that :)

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                            Working on some blog articles, trying to get at least a semi-regular cadence going there. As part and parcel of that I restructured how I deploy my blog to make me more likely to start work on posts and keep iterating on them until they’re fully polished and ready to ship.

                            In the past, I pretty much only used one branch, master, and I had Netlify just run Pelican and deploy the result.

                            Now I have a separate ‘inprogress’ branch where I can iterate on articles and Netlify will deploy them to a private ‘beta’ site so I can see how they’re going as I work.

                            New Gig Incoming! Yay!

                            Preparing to start my exciting new gig (October 4th!) by working more Python coding exercises. I realized I’m still experiencing some slowdown/analysis paralysis once I have the base case implemented and need to solve for the corner cases represented in the tests.

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                              Porting mkws to macOS.


                              Which is done I guess, so probably clean up some other scripts and publish them.

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                                I’m camping near Buena Vista, CO and biking a lot. I’m heading home wednesday or thursday, and then saturday I’m heading to Eagle, CO to meet up with a friend, and bike more.

                                And I’ve been reading (and enjoying) Olaf Stapledon’s “First and Last Men.” I really liked Starmaker, and this is just as good.

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                                  Juggling the new gig and trying to get the POWER9 Wasm implementation in Firefox over the finish line. (Currently stalled due to a memory corruption problem in GC.)

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                                    • Getting on top of my tax
                                    • Working on an implementation of 500 in Elixir
                                    • House maintenance
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                                      Working on trying to make Django templates faster by compiling them down through exec/eval. I’m really unsure of whether I will see the gains I want from this so trying to get to MVP quickly for profiling on a “real” application.

                                      Definitely one of these moments where I regret using Python for anything beyond scripts. Language is nice but at one point you have to start acknowledging the immense penalties that come with doing a bunch of this kind of stuff in a language like Python, where everything turns into hash map lookups

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                                        My Elm TCG is taking form https://github.com/VulumeCode/LibraryOfAzathoth This week I’ll be implementing the AI player, one that doesn’t just do random moves.

                                        Starting to feel a bit weird about Elm. All criticisms you hear are valid, but I’m loving the progress I’m making. Maybe it’s the perfect toy language for toy projects?