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    Sublime is dead release sublimetext.com

Not sure if this is an official response, but it seems mostly a follow up to the thread right next to it:



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    I registered to get the list of the user’s posts.

    Here goes: http://i.imgur.com/KQO6ViC.png

    So, definitely not an official message.

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      Looks like an angry user, not a official response. But seeing the rest of the conversations and the number of bots on the forum, the project looks in a bad shape. I did pay for a license two years ago, so its a shame to see it go down this road. (Ironically, I discovered vim a few months after)

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        Looks like the TextMate story is repeating itself. Another example why a a proprietary editor is not worth the hassle.

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          Maybe don’t jump head first into the next shiny thing developed by just one person. BBEdit has been around for over 20 years. Open source projects can also die, unless you want to become the developer of your editor.

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            Or just switch every six months as the barrier to entry/vendor lock inis almost nil for most editors. I’ve tried notepad++, gedit, geany and vi in the last few months. Not to mention still using Visual Studio at home.

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              There is an overhead in learning new tools.

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                Depends on the editor. I believe Vim/Emacs/Spacemacs have a quite high barrier, consisting of both idiosyncratic ways to use the editors and a huge selection of plugins that you might depend upon.

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              On the contrary, TextMate v1 was pretty stable (with a couple of known issues that had plugins to fix them) for years. Just because it wasn’t getting new releases didn’t mean it was dead/unusable.

              That said, TextMate 2 was still under development which is also happening in the open now.

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                That said, TextMate 2 was still under development which is also happening in the open now.

                I have no complaints about TM2, I’ve installed it for people who need a simple editor for programming. But it seems to have lost all mindshare now, first to ST and now to Atom. Maybe it was open sourced too late to have bugger impact.

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              Post is now taken down.

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                This doesn’t look like an official statement. Is toplinuxsir even involved with the company in any way?

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                  Development has slowed down for sure, but I don’t think that means “dead”. I use it every day for a variety of tasks all day long.. when I am unable to do that I’ll be concerned. They can stop work on it right now and we’d probably have a few more of use left in it at least.

                  Seems reactionary.

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                    Really? It seems to be the tool of choice for all the CSS wranglers I know …

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                      The core application is solid and pretty feature complete, and people keep developing plugins for it.

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                        Yep, it’s all over the place. Some cool new stuff has come out (Atom, brackets, etc) but it’s by no means outdated or dead.

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                        Not dead. The forum is just full of whiny people who think a mature software product needs daily updates.

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                          Nobody said anything about daily updates. No new dev release for half a year, when there are lots of open issues affecting real world users, is a bad sign though.