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    This is the most content-free, useless, uninteresting blog post I’ve read in quite some time.

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      I think you forgot to follow the links. Like this one about Maslow’s hierarchy or this other about Learning styles.

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        Those are also primarily composed of lists of content-free naked assertions. I’m stupider for having wasted my time.

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      Links to some really good content that debunks a lot of the popular thinking in teaching. I, for one, always hated the learning objectives usually offered by teachers/trainers who believe that’s what they need to do. I admit to being guilty of this in the past.

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        I’m all for debunking myths and flavor-of-the-month psych BS, but the links included do little to provide any evidence of the claims. I’m not saying the ideas of the writer are not well-founded, but there is little scientific evidence cited or linked to by a majority of the thought pieces included to reinforce their claims.

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          I’m still in the process of distilling all information he gives there but I do see enough cited scientific evidence, e.g. more than 10 articles in the post about learning styles. Maybe I should have submitted only that post instead of the index/collection of all fads.