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    Nice work!

    The two things that would stop me from using this on the regular are screen resolution and performance. Obviously, I can assess for myself how much text I can see on my Tab A’s screen without much effort.

    How’s performance on the edit/build/debug cycle? That’d be my biggest concern. On my i7-8650 laptop with 32GB DDR4 and a nice fast NVMe drive, I can often way out-type clion’s hinting mechanisms. I kind of fear it’d be worse on a tablet.

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      I’m unsure what amount of resources would be enough not to out-type the hinting. Or random moments of “Indexing”. Or having to right click the second time because the first time everything was grayed out.

      I did load up our codebase, which is over 20 years of C++, a few gigabytes. Loading and Indexing did take longer but when it was done, performance was quite okay. Finding methods, refactoring, the clang tips, etc. Do you maybe have an open source project I can load an test for you?

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        (sorry I didn’t see this sooner… holidays.)

        That sounds better than I’d have imagined it’d be.

        Krita is a good open source example of one that feels laggier than I think it should on my laptop. The other stuff that makes me give Clion the stink eye is all internal and leans very heavily on header-only libraries, some of which are generated by an ASN.1 compiler.