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I made this 120-pages ebook about Vue while learning it. I’m posting here as I hope you’ll appreciate it.

It targets beginners to the framework, covering the 20% that makes you accomplish the 80% of the job. It’s not a definitive guide to Vue, but it can be helpful when you are starting out.

On the page I have an email wall so I can send you further Vue-related material if you’re interested! Otherwise you can just grab it from Dropbox, to save you from getting a disposable email :)


mod note: Original link was https://vuehandbook.com, which has no content without signup. That’s not permitted on Lobsters, so after talking to the submitter I swapped in the Dropbox link.


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    Quick notes: needs an editor’s eyes on it, as there are typos every few pages or awkward wordings. Even before the table of contents we run into one: “…with tons of hands-down tutorials…”

    It’s very opinionated and makes bold assertions like “VS Code is the most popular IDE” and so forth. I understand the need to present a full development stack for folks following along in the book, but it’s literally halfway through the book before you’re done with that and only the remaining 50% is presenting components and other fundamental Vue concepts. I’d cite page numbers but you’ve omitted them. You begin by saying it’s optional to use all these tools and can get started without them but then you have readers follow along installing all of them next before introducing more Vue.js concepts. Isn’t that backwards from what you say at the outset; why not progress from the bottom up?

    The formatting could also use a hand; the page sizes are small and have lots of margin, so the many screenshots and code blocks have run amok a bit, spanning pages and not always easy to follow.

    Overall, beginners would be fast-tracked into writing a basic Vue.js webapp but have little understanding of the tools, why they were chosen, if there are alternatives, or if they could live without some of them. To wit, the title could have easily been The Vue with Yarn, Webpack, Vue Devtools Extension, VS Code, Vetur, Emmet, ESLint, CodeSandbox, Vuex, and Others Handbook for MacOS in Mid-2018.

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      Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback! I really appreciate it and helps me improve for the next time I decide to do something similar!

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      Do you by any chance have a MOBI (Or even EPUB) format? Would be nicer to read it from an e-reader.

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          Awesome, thanks!

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          Unfortunately not! I just can’t seem to find a way to properly generate it from markdown, including the code samples with the nice syntax highlighting. I probably didn’t try enough, I’m sure there’s a simple way out there.

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            pandoc can do this, but it’s not especially simple.

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              Thanks, will check it out :)

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                That would be awesome

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                Why shouldn’t it be simple? Shouldn’t pandoc input1.md input2.md ... final.md -t epub3 -o book.epub. More epub options are listed in the man page, such as for specifying custom fonts, stylesheets and cover images.

                Then, producing a mobi file is trivial using kindlegen or calibre.

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                  It’s not simple because about six seconds later I want to start tinkering with the code highlighting and maybe bump up that one margin and should that footnote have a slightly different font and…

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                    If you can edit .zip files and save it’s internal files, it’s quite simple to play around with the embedded stylesheet, since it’s just regular CSS.

                    But one should also say that Ebooks shouldn’t be overcustomized, IMO, but kept simple for the sake of compatibility and an ease of reading.

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                I can help you with this if you upload the book source on github, i have a template for generating epub from markdown here if you are interested.

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              Thank you for this. I shall devour it with haste.

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                Dropbox is blocked where I work (don’t ask me why), is there a mirror somewhere?

                EDIT: never mind I’ll get it from vuehandbook.com :)