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    Why advocate using rufo over RuboCop? I’ve never heard of rufo before this blog post, but RuboCop is almost a standard in Ruby lint tools at this point. In the same vein, Growl has long since been abandoned in favor of terminal-notifier, which uses macOS Notifications and doesn’t require a huge confusing paragraph telling you “NOT TO BUY GROWL (but here is the app store link anyway)”.

    Additionally, I’m a huge advocate for using your package manager the way it was supposed to be used, and to that point, disagree with pinning dependencies unless it’s a fix for a package author not knowing how to distribute with SemVer. If you’re going to pin dependencies, why not just make a script instead of using those “big and bulky” tools like Yarn and Bundler? Loop over every gem and run gem install, loop over every NPM package and run npm add. There’s literally no point to using Yarn or Bundler if you’re just going to pin every dependency anyway. That’s the whole point of package managers, taking some of that work away from you so you don’t have to constantly think about patch version upgrades during your development process.

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      I just switched to terminal-notifier and updated the article with it, removing the Growl part. I added a note to rubocop and plan to switching to it at some point when I feel the need. As for pinning dependencies, I added a note also that it can be a touchy subject and found a good article summarizing pro/cons of different strategy as for specifying versions: https://thoughtbot.com/blog/a-healthy-bundle.

      Your comment is linked at some point in the article, thanks again.

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        Hey, thanks for reading and for your comments here. While I appreciate you taking the time to do so, the way you wrote the comment (tone, content) is not something I am used to. It’s not welcoming enough for me to be willing to engage in a conversation on the various items and feedback you gave.

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          Hey, welcome to the site!

          While it’s often hard (given the low-bandwidth nature of textboxes-on-the-screen vs. in-person communication), please try to engage in conversation with an assumption of good faith. I’ve seen more than once that when both participants make the effort, the tone of the discussion turns pleasant despite an initial roughness and disagreement.

          Congrats on your first post! Keep them coming!

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