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    It’s 2015, the following should render well, right?

    台北1234      (leading characters should be 2 spaces each)
    QRS12     (fullwidth latin; should be 2 spaces each)
    アイウ1234       (halfwidth kana; should be 1 space each)

    Of course it renders well, just maybe not on windows.

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      Just maybe not anywhere? :) iOS doesn’t even show the half width chars, at least not by default. Only boxes.

      I’m guessing you’re on Linux? Firefox on OpenBSD, which uses exactly the same font rendering stack, didn’t show things in alignment. Perhaps there is some combination of installed fonts and font config xml that can be made to work, but it’s far from universal or automatic.

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        Yes, I am on Arch Linux, using infinality-ultimate patchset, the applications I’ve checked are gnome-terminal and Firefox. I didn’t configure any custom settings in /etc/fonts.d/, just chosed Fira Mono in the gnome-tweak-tool.

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          That doesn’t render properly for me (Arch, Fira Mono, Chromium). By render properly I mean: all the characters are boxes.

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        Out of curiosity where does this render correctly? It doesn’t on my Mac or iPad.

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          Arch Linux, infinality-ultimate patchset, gnome-terminal and firefox.

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          I don’t have glyphs for a bunch of those characters, and the placeholders are not an integer number of characters wide for some reason: http://i.imgur.com/xsBoPMx.png

          (Interestingly, my terminal emulator actually gets the widths right. Of course, it’s not going to stick in non-integer width characters, but I guess the character width tables are stored separately from the glyphs themselves. http://i.imgur.com/VPWOo0Y.png)

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            http://imgur.com/Woh9qLw (firefox) and http://imgur.com/mGCzfTp (gnome-terminal). I have no idea how it actually works, but check my other comments for my font rendering stack.

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              Those don’t look correct at all. The full width characters aren’t quite two columns wide. The kana are too skinny too. “QRS” should span the full width of “abcdef”.

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            Well it doesn’t render well on Linux Mint Firefox either, nor Sublime Text. Seems fine in the terminal though.