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      HAMURABI on the TRS-80 was the first thing I ever used/played on a computer, at elementary school in either 1979 or 1980. We took it very seriously, using calculators to try to figure out what quantities to input.

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        Ditto on an Apple ][

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        bbc micro for me. surprisingly addictive game. I ran a “port the basic code to ruby” challenge as one of the weekly ruby quizzes several years ago, which was also a fun exercise.

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      I’m sure I’ve played a variation of this game before. I never knew the form had such history.

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        The game was ported to FOCAL in 1968, and became known under the names “King of Sumeria” and “The Sumer Game”. David H. Ahl ported it to BASIC in 1973 for his book 101 BASIC Computer Games (as “Hammurabi”, often written with only one “m”, due to 8+3).

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          Right, the article said as much. I think I played a version in a browser, maybe a sci fi setting?

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      We didn’t have this, but we did have Lemonade Stand, which is in the same vein, if a bit simpler, and with less flavor.

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      I still have those David Ahl books. ;)