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    Alternatives 1 and 2 describe the unexpected benefits I have experienced with living on the other side of the world from my office, with a 12-hour time difference.

    When I have questions, i start writing an email, but I know I won’t get answers until the next day, so I leave it open. By the end of the day the email has been refined until either all questions have been answered anyway, or the remaining questions are, hopefully, clearly thought out and well communicated.

    Similarly, people asking me questions know that I won’t answer until I wake up, and they won’t get the answer until they start the next day, so they make sure to ask me clear questions.

    I have a friend who uses a similar technique, without the aid of the time difference. He simply tells Outlook not to pull in mail until 5 PM. This at first seems obscene, but as soon as people get used to it they start communicating more clearly with him for the same reasons.

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      I’d say these are more variations on the theme. Rubber duck debugging is just the act of explaining the problem to someone else, preferrably someone who does not know much about the problem.