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    I like the idea, but I can’t imagine a time in the past where my git troubles were solved in a few simple commands.

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        I broke git while trying to rebase from upstream using git pull –rebase

        While trying to rebase master onto my branch

        While trying to push a rebased branch up to remote

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          Heh. I had a comment written earlier, but decided not to post it since I’ve been hating on git enough recently. Your first remark reminded me of it, though.

          I immediately picked the option that I would like to pull and merge with few conflicts. Who wouldn’t? :)

          Saw the solution was git pull --rebase and googled “git pull rebase”. The resulting recommendations varied from always use pull rebase to never use pull rebase.

          My understanding is limited, but that does seem like a command that could also go on the “how to break git” website.

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          The document On undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git ā€“ ā€œa git choose-your-own adventureā€ ā€“ is very easy to follow when you need it.

          This document is an attempt to be a fairly comprehensive guide to recovering from what you did not mean to do when using git.