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    Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the sarcastic writing style to be honest, but maybe I just hate fun… 🤷‍♂️ That’s probably also because a lot of the items are complex and nuanced, and reducing them to just a single “this is shit” isn’t really very useful or insightful. If your goal was to just make a joke: okay, fair enough. If you actually want to teach something: I don’t think this is very effective.

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      I understand and agree with you. The main reason for that list was just to make a little bit of a fun out of it. This is for sure not an educative but rather sarcastic content.

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      Suggested [satire] tag.

      Anyone other than me getting a bit irritated by de facto blog posts on Github? Before actually reading the content, I have to scroll past a file listing with irrelevant (to me) entries for .gitconfig, .editorconfig, and a frikkin’ CoC.

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        That’s a good point about the blog-like repos on GitHub. I asked myself that question, too. My main motivation of putting that list on GitHub was to provide a way for others to collaborate and modify the list using common approaches with PullRequests and Issues which would be not that easy if I would post it to, let’s say, Medium. But I totally understand your point, that GitHub is more for actual code and projects and it is not a bloggers portal.

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          Ideally Github should have an option to show the README first, with the code listing at the bottom.

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            Makes sense. I guess direct link to README.md file of the repo would also work well since in this case all project files are hidden.