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    This is super cool, thanks for making this. I could very much see this being use for an AWS Lambda like service, or an alternative container orchestration system. Though I haven’t through through the implications of the networking limitations outlined in the libkrun README.

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      I love the idea of Mac devs not all switching to case sensitive file systems as one of the first stages of setting up a new machine

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        [raises hand] Case sensitive filesystems annoy me. Having files named both “foo” and “Foo” in the same directory is an abomination. (It’s expressly forbidden in some verse of Leviticus.)

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          Completely agreed. I’ve been using Macs for development since 2003 and Windows before that and have never felt the need to switch to a case-insensitive FS configuration. Occasionally I find projects that have two files with the same name in different cases and it’s almost always a bug that they’re happy to fix upstream.