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I’m probably not the first one to do this – I wrote some CSS that hides all instances of popularity (i.e. karma and comment counts) on lobste.rs, HN, and old.reddit. What motivated this? It was my tendency to ignore possibly-bespoke submissions simply because they had less than X points.

Hiding karma might not be for everyone, but I’d encourage giving it a go and seeing how your behavior changes. Here’s how front page looks for me: https://i.imgur.com/16PPCvs.png

I named this user style after the beauty-recognition-disabling tech from a Ted Chiang story:

"Think of calliagnosia as a kind of assisted maturity.
 It lets you do what you should: ignore the surface,
 so you can look deeper."

- from the short story "Liking What You See", by Ted Chiang

Currently I load the CSS at document-start using Greasemonkey on Firefox, though pasting it on any user-CSS browser extension would do (like Stylish, Styler, etc).


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    I will not upvote this. I guess yourself you know why. Kudos though.

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      If my karma goes up I am reminded to check which comment was upvoted and why.

      Then I am left thinking about what that is the case. It’s a fun game, if you don’t try to game it by writing inflammatory comments deliberately, or posting quality content to harvest upvotes /s.

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        My hackernews account has all of its karma from one comment out of about a dozen. Most of them have 1 point, the last has >25. And it’s the least constructive comment: me complaining that someone’s website doesn’t work without JavaScript.

        Comments with real depth? No points. Complaining about JS? Heaps. HN, everyone.

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        Instead of writing any CSS or user scripts, you can also create a uBlock Origin cosmetic rule like ##.voters > .score to hide the votes on Lobste.rs

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          This is certainly the right tool for the job if the goal is to set display: none on elements! Anything beyond that seems to have limited support via adblocker rules – I couldn’t figure out how to hide text nodes without hiding adjacent elements (to hide HN upper right karma count), and I certainly can’t replace text (to hide number of comments).

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          Bespoke means tailor-made for a particular person. What do you mean by possibly-bespoke submissions?

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            Hey, all this time I’ve been using “bespoke” to mean “something spoken about before” or “followup” or (here) “a followup referencing something relevant in the past that I wouldn’t want to miss” like that Sarah2 article on the front page, but that’s not what bespoke means at all. Thanks for the correction.