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    A really solid read, and I personally like this quote from the article:

    As the release date loomed, DMA and Psygnosis realised that this might be a problem. Lemmings was, in Jones’ words, an ‘impossible game to describe’ and therefore a marketing nightmare. But it wasn’t complex – people just had to play it to understand the appeal. The strategy was to get as many demos out as possible, which in 1990/1991 meant a tonne of magazine covermounts.

    A good reminder to all of us that are trying to demonstrate something new, that often people will need to experience it rather than simply be told about it. Especially if it is something a long way away from anything they are currently used to…

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        Lemmings 2 was one of my favorite games growing up…Humans was another in a somewhat similar vein.

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          And boy, was that hard. I finished Lemmings and Oh No, More Lemmings without much difficulty, but Lemmings 2 totally ate my lunch. I managed to finish it with at least the minimum amount of lemmings per tribe, but it was nightmarish at times.

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          Lol, before I even started reading the article, I just had to see how that layout worked at different screen sizes. I really, really, like that idea of having footnotes next to the article. Great article, and great website design!