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    I suppose this is an interesting piece of work, but I doubt many people are using node.js to terminate ssl/tls. If you have any static content to serve you will have nginx sitting in front of your node application server and it will terminate ssl for you.

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      I think if we’ll made node.js as fast at SSL termination as nginx is, there’ll be no point in using external terminator in front of node.

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        There is still a point if nginx is faster at serving static content. At the moment I don’t think anyone is making the claim that node is faster there.

        But if you are running a service without static content then yes, you would be able to just use node.js directly without nginx in the middle.

        Unless you have a load balancer that terminates ssl, in which case you don’t care at all about the ssl performance of your application server.

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          you’re right, but on other hand many people are using CDNs for static content and dedicated server for all dynamic stuff. So having fast dynamic server that works good w/o termination is fine too.