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    same CPU as in atomic pi, selling for $35(+psu).

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      I gather the Atomic Pi is a surplus board with a finite supply, whereas this seems like a product that is being actively produced.

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        If you can actually purchase one for $39, I didn’t see anywhere you can get it. The atomic pi has the worst io and power supply. I wish there could be something cheaper and more available. The only models they have is 59$ without heat sink, check the atomic pi for that gigantic heat sink. Running x86 with passive cooling is nearly either impossible or requires a huge chunk of aluminum.

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      No mention of firmware in the article. Working assumption is proprietary and of dubious quality.

      If this shipped with with coreboot, it’d be attractive.

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        The name of this threw me for a loop, at first I thought it was another Pi clone based on a rockchip part like one of these https://rockpi.org/

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          This is the same x86 setup as the Z8350 sticks that have been floating around for a few years, just in a Pi-style layout.

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            I wish those z8350 sticks could have more io ports, as they are available in second hand market and has a really small form factor.