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    Very interesting. I want one even if I don’t really have an application for it. If it had ECC ram one could build a very nice NAS with this.

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      Why do you need ECC RAM for a NAS?

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        I would use software raids, and if there are ram problems there you can run into inconsistency. Also, if the data arriving at the machine is corrupted in ram before being “handed” to your fancy check-summing file system then you are out of luck.

        Although, in researching my reply I found an excerpt of the of the BSD now podcast talking about using ZFS without ECC, and the inventor of ZFS says it’s not too bad, and ZFS is probably the best FS to use if you have to use one without ECC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMXUUWgXzLY&t=492s

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          y not?

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            Bits really do flip at random.

            Those well aware of this tend to have difficulty sleeping at night w/o ECC.