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    This is incredibly cool! I love how the “cells” aren’t bound into any particular arrangement of screen container.

    It seems like they’re both a means of storage and also a prompt for dynamic invocations?

    I particularly thought the on the fly shader compiler and QEMU backend were awfully neat, as was the network transparency.

    Is this entirely a “Because I can” project or do you have a particular use case(s) in mind for this amazing framework?

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      Thanks. So the role/meaning of cells mutating is one interesting twist between spreadsheets and what is practically some automated form of tiling window management.

      At an early stage my default configuration was just the terminal cell for everything and that essentially degraded things into a gimmicky tiler. Slightly less so with some keybindings to toggle between different row magnification levels (each row acting as the compartment for each discrete task I’m currently actively working on).

      I don’t use this as a complete substitute for my normal desktop yet - mostly out of reliability concerns, it is only 1 years old and not that much actual code. Durden has 5+ years of work and use into it, no reason throwing that away. Instead I have it as multiple fullscreen workspaces that replace the embarrassing amount of throwaway VIMs/calculators/terminals for mind mapping and note-taking that I used before.

      As for grander purposes and all that, the individual pieces are being used as building blocks for products in the security/offensive privacy space. The other is “simply” a helper for the research I do in visualisation techniques for better system-scope debugging/reverse engineering.

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      This is really great! I have been using Durden for the last 6 months. I have a great .screenrc and the Monaco font with the Dracula colours makes it even better. Durden got me into the idea of tiling and TUI computing after years of Gnome Desktop bloat. So, now, will Arcan with the Pipeworld patch get me into zooming (not the Skype clone) ZUI desktop computing? I’ll let you know in a month or two. The video demos are super cool, and the gdb stuff looks useful. Cheers! (Disclosure: I did once send a patch to Arcan).