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    So there’s a few things I don’t like about this article. For one, even in the background, iOS turns the status bar red to indicate the microphone is in use. So I think the danger is greatly exaggerated.

    But I found the android solution interesting. Restrict apps to listening to the audible spectrum.

    I never really thought much about how devices can exceed our sensory limits. That’s pretty cool, letting you do things you ordinarily can’t (see in the dark, for example). But it also means we may not realize the full extent of their recording. I may be ok with my phone listening to me (hypothetically) but that’s definitely working with the assumption I can hear what it can hear. Much less comfortable with my phone hearing and seeing things that I can’t.

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      one of the suggested projects for total information awaress was supposed to have been wmd sniffers embedded in (all) mobile phones.