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    "libre" tag? meta

I see there is already a “philosophy” tag. How would the community feel about the addition of a “libre” tag, or similar, for links and discussion around open source and free software issues?


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    If it’s arguing for it, it’s just a form of philosophy. The practices tag could cover ways to make it happen. The release tag can cover the software itself. I think we’re covered on that.

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      Well the usual reasoning is that tags are for filtering things out. So it’s logical to have philosophy tag for people that don’t like philosophy but are there people that don’t like open source / free software so much that they want to filter it out of the view?

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        Tags serve a second purpose that, I would say, is their primary purpose: they signal that a subject is a good fit for this site. From the submission guidelines:

        If no tags clearly apply to the story you are submitting, chances are it does not belong here. Do not overreach with tags if they are not the primary focus of the story.

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          I thought the third purpose was their primary propose: to label stories.

          Most of the time, the title reveals what the story is about. Sometimes, you need additional information from the tag(s) in order to determine that you are interested.


          I might not click this:

          Graph Rendering (javascript)

          I would click this:

          Graph Rendering (math)

          I would click either of these:

          A Novel Graph Rendering Algorithm (javascript)
          A Novel Graph Rendering Algorithm (math)

          For this third case, I’d LOVE the proposed tag. I’d even click this:

          Graph Rendering (javascript) (libre)
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        What would you tag with those? I feel like it either would be used for pretty much everything that is software and posted here, which is a huge percentage of the posts, or if you mean with “free software issues” you could potentially tag it as philosophy or law depending on what better describes it.

        I would be curious about examples. Did you feel the need to add it to some story?

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          Thanks for the comments everyone! I’ll engage with the site as-is more before I form a stronger opinion :)

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            Generally, accounts that aren’t even a week old should refrain from posting meta threads until they’ve acclimated.