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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Just resting and plan to don’t use any of my devices

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      Working on a longer short story I’m tentatively naming Spellblade. Depending on focus I hope to be able to start releasing chunks of it over the next week or two.

      I’m also probably going to write about my process for using Nix to build eBooks.

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        Setting up Fastmail. I was browsing Youtube today while logged into my account I’ve been using for 8 years, and out of nowhere it asked me to “verify my age” so I could watch an age-restricted video by inputting my credit card info (which it already has since I’ve been paying membership to a few channels for the last year or so, but apparently my credit card’s not good for this particular check) or sending my ID (which I am not doing), and this was the last straw.

        Other bullshit Google tried to pull on my accounts in the past includes locking up my oldest account for daring to use IMAP to access gmail on a wifi network I hadn’t previously approved, and then unblocking it as soon as I tried logging in from a new phone, probably because it was a Pixel that had just come out.

        I have four gmail accounts which I’m increasingly afraid of losing and they’re the only google service I depend on, so I’m gonna move all the important accounts off of it and forward the rest of the emails to Fastmail.

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          I have only good things to say about Fastmail. I’ve considered moving to a cheaper option but I would never ever go back to Google. And honestly, the cheaper options are only thoughts b/c I’m cheap.

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            I have been very very very happy with Fastmail. I use it for several domains, including one I share with the family. The downtimes have been measured in the order of hours, total over the last few years. It doesn’t do anything fancy, but it provides me reliable mail and calendaring that I pay for and that’s just so great.

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              Good for you. I’ve been on Fastmail for a couple of years and very happy with it.

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              Going camping!

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                I am working on part 2 of a blog about BuildKit. Here is BuildKit Part 1.

                In part 2, I’m building an INTERCAL frontend for docker build. I think its hilarious, but I’m not sure anyone else will find it funny. It even works.

                I’m also doing some cooking.

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                  I need to figure out the order in which I want to upload videos for the rest of the year. I need to record a short thing for work, but my personal list of what to record has grown long. From last year, stuff I didn’t get around to talking about:

                  • The Reputation Problem
                  • The DRM and Inverse DRM Problems
                  • Unspecified Certain Doom
                  • Constant Flawless Vigilance
                  • Recursive Unknowability
                  • Computational Costs of Permutation (Algorithmic Justice)

                  And the list has only grown longer for 2021:

                  And maybe for fun, a video or two showing some practical communism that people can choose to do today. I’m frustrated that almost none of my 2019/2020 topics were already done by other folks; I only want to make videos on these topics because I think that somebody ought to do it.

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                    Are you saying you have a youtube channel where you explain these things? Do you have a link?

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                    New blog post about caching and reading more about electronics (I’m at a fairly basic level still).

                    I’ve been reading Getting Started in Electronics which is really good and helping me a lot.

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                      Sledding, sledding, lifting weights, and more sledding! It’s been dumping snow here in Tronna, and the girls are so excited.

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                        Migrating away from lastpass to either bitwarden or pass. Will see which is easier to self host on a vps I have.

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                            I was rooting for pass to work as a git repo, but the pass import thing was giving me tons of silly python dep nonsense so I gave bitwarden a go and it just worked and didn’t need to deal with python dependency nonsense. So I ended up with bitwarden installed on the vps, works rather well. Was hoping for pass though cause that seemed easier to use in emacs.

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                              (rewriting above comment to fix broken link)

                              I use a combination of Git and Syncthing to backup/sync my pass store among devices (VPS, android, laptop, etc.). https://w.srid.ca/-/Pass_with_GPG

                              the pass import thing was giving me tons of silly python dep nonsense

                              This is why I use NixOS. :-)

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                            I’ve been using Bitwarden a long time and am VERY happy with it. I run it self hosted and only accessible from within my home network (I’m always on VPN home when I am out). I admit this is a bit more complex setup, but Bitwarden itself is great!

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                            Writing a GUI app to help me do and manage backups of my photos. After my phone’s sdcard quit on me, this jumped to the top of my list of free-time projects. And as I couldn’t find existing one that would fit me, I obviously have to write my own from scratch, sigh. I first tried to do it in Go, but was surprised there’s no sensible embedded db package in the ecosystem. So I switched to Nim, and again surprisingly it goes importantly better. I’m using sqlite for db, wnim for windows gui. Though where Go certainly shines vs. Nim is concurrent programming and io.Reader composability. But Nim has some threading support; I never used it before, so hopefully once I learn how to use it, it will be better. Though after Go, I feel like blindly running through a minefield when coding threads in a language without an explicitly documented & human-readable memory model.

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                              I think lots of people switching to Go because of poorly documentation of Nim. Nim has many features (maybe twice as Go) but you can’t find doc or tutorial. Reason is most probably there is no foundation or etc. behind Nim.

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                                Hm, I just invented the following quip, that I could probably characterize 3 languages on a D&D scale:

                                • Rust - Lawful Good
                                • Go - Neutral Good
                                • Nim - Chaotic Good

                                I’d tweet it if I used twitter or mastodon ;)

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                              Trying to figure out what kind of heating we should invest in. Currently using an absurd amount of energy for heating (44kkWh). Trying to convince my better half that we can plant a new front yard after the drilling machines have destroyed it all after drilling a energy well.

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                                Going to keep working on in my series Writing our Own Cheat Engine, really happy how it’s turning out so far.

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                                  I was writing a Slack thing that would send messages as configurable username, I wanted to use some “avatar generated from string” so the picture would be different but repeatable.

                                  Found an awesome one but it’s svg only and Slack can’t use those. Couldn’t find a nice way to convert to a png on the fly so wrote an endpoint in Golang that would take a URL of an svg as a query param, convert it to a png, and then display the png. Works great!

                                  Then I found a better avatar generator that outputs png from the get go…

                                  Edit: I’ve made https://ols.wtf/avatar?seed=ols instead, code is here it anyone is interested

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                                    I’m working tomorrow, so I’ll dick around online for a bit then, probably. Saturdays tend to be pretty dead.

                                    I /should/ finish my website redesign, so I’ll work on that! Yeah!!

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                                      Thinking (in order to design) about Universal Pattern Matching (for the lack of better name)


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                                        Writing a typechecked function macro for Janet and exploring SuperCollider in the hopes of making a live music coding environment using Janet. SuperCollider is not for the impatient (if you know a synth server with an easier API or want to join in, please tell me)

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                                          Trying to make progress on KASAN support for SerenityOS.

                                          Also hopefully going on a hike somewhere in the PWN!

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                                            Likely attending a convention in Minecraft. Also attacking my poor inbox. Really need to systematize that.

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                                              Please elaborate more on this convention within Minecraft, if you can. Sounds interesting!

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                                                It was Anthro New England. I didn’t actually attend because it turns out I don’t gasp own a current copy of Minecraft, but it might have been interesting. Hopefully the next such event will be on VRChat or the like.

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                                              I’m attending a virtual conference on alternative propulsion engineering - all are welcome to sign up here.

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                                                I’m working on making a new release for my macro recorder I had some trouble to get the Windows version, I’ll take this time to investigate.

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                                                  I was asked today if I’ll be okay with conducting a workshop online. I had thought about it last year if this came up and my answer was supposed to be no. But talking to the faculty (with whom I’ve enjoyed working in the past for workshops), I just couldn’t bring myself to say no. So, now I gotta prepare for the workshop as well as look up about online teaching. Dug out my webcam and fortunately it seems to work on a sanity check. But my old desktop has a bit of a noisy fan. Have to see if I can re-arrange my set up and put the tower under the desk.

                                                  Currently reading The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. It is a mix of slice-of-life and everyday mysteries. I’m liking it, but it doesn’t make for a page turner.

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                                                    Our Cavium ThunderX server came in yesterday. I’m gonna spend the weekend setting up the HardenedBSD package build automation scripts and hopefully run our first arm64 package build on the “new” hardware. I’m also going to work on the warranty process for another server, which was delivered dead on arrival. This would be the first dead server from my vendor, which has delivered us somewhere around seven or so servers.

                                                    I’ll probably put in some hours at ${DAYJOB}. We’re getting incredibly close to being able to ship the re-envisioned product I and my team have been working on. I joined the company in May of last year and am now leading the entire company in an entirely new direction. It’s so fun. I can’t wait to actually sell the new products. :)

                                                    SO MANY EXCITING THINGS YET SO LITTLE TIME!

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                                                      Going sledding!

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                                                        Due to a lack of time and low motivation, my OpenGL library’s been more or less broken for the past few months while I repeatedly refactored and redesigned parts of it. It hasn’t supported anything but drawing a triangle, and that only sometimes. But I finally settled on a design that I like and that (I think) will be extensible to using more advanced OpenGL features while also keeping simpler things simple.

                                                        So this weekend I’m going to “port” the old objects over to the new design and try it out. Last night I got the fractal shaders (mandelbrot/julia set) and a quads to work, and I hooked it up with the new 3D mouse support, so I can zoom and navigate better than with the keyboard. There are still some kinks to work out, but it’s nice to have visible progress for a change.

                                                        Other than that, I’d like to get a bike ride in, and may ski on Sunday.

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                                                          Work game-jam and then probably way, WAY too much ‘Oxygen Not Included’ … That game .. just… so good.