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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    • Work: Major refactoring on our logging
    • !Work: Home purchase is coming up in 2 weeks, interstate move in 4 weeks. All logistics have been figured out now (and for WAY cheaper than it might have been).
    • !Work: I went on Steam and bought Dyson Sphere Program, and OH BOY IS THAT JUST ANOTHER FACTORIO so that will probably be my life for a bit.

    BTW Pro-tip if you’re moving between states (in the US):

    • Cost of paying a moving company to come, load, move, and unload your stuff: ~$6-10k
    • Cost of renting a Uhaul for 4 days + hiring loaders hourly for the load on each end separately: ~$3k
      • The only thing you have to do here is drive the U-haul yourself, but damn if that’s not worth $3-7k lol
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      Both of those sound expensive! I did a move last year using PODS – they dropped off the container, we loaded it in, they drove it to the new state and stored until we were ready. Then we hired movers to help unload the PODS stuff into our home. Total cost was about $2k I think… east coast to the midwest.

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        That’s fair, but if I add on the movers to load the PODS then it becomes closer to $2.5k, at which point I’m spending 500 extra for the uhaul but i have full control over exactly when it arrives and in what state. I personally find that to be worth the extra cost.

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          Odd, I just did a move recently and found PODS a bit more expensive than renting a truck… $3k vs $3.5ish, overall. And I’m in a state in my life where time is more valuable than money, so spending an extra $500 on the container to not have to drive a truck and a car over 1000 miles is worth it. The container can catch up and be delivered when it’s convenient for me.

          (Though I personally found PODS’s online system and tech support absolutely abysmal, and am going to be looking for different companies next time I move.)

          Hiring professional movers is always worth it though, if you can.

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            That’s also fair – my move is about 8h of driving so not much overall, and we need to be much more picky about the timing of our stuff arriving.

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        Warning, Dyson Sphere Project is highly addictive and time flies by when playing it. I may have ended up multiple times at 3AM in the morning not even realising it.

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          Oh I became aware of how addictive this was the moment I started playing it – it hits way too many of my “favorite” things in a single game. I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun with it.

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        • Been working on a GUI app for about a week (less than 100 lines of code, but has a few tricky things). I don’t have much of a previous GUI experience and jumped into coding the app by looking up whatever widget I needed and some GUI specific logic. I had to re-structure my code a couple of times and then today I started it all over again using class instead of bunch of functions and global variables. I dislike OOP from a bad experience few years back, but on this occasion, it proved to be the better and sane option.
        • Currently reading A Night in the Lonesome October - it seems interesting, but slower paced so far than what I’d like.
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          Mozilla has closed all business for a week this summer. The reasoning is that a shared week off causes less FOMO and is thus more relaxing for all. It doesn’t fit with our family vacation and summer plans, which means everyone else is working and at daycare and I get to do chores.

          Well, I’m also a presentation skills training and going to the zoo with the kids.

          I like it so far.

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            • Helped a friend empty his house into storage, as he’s now sofa surfing for a couple of months until his new place is available
            • Gardening so we can enjoy it more
            • Resisting looking at how much Tony Hawk on Switch is, because it’ll consume hours of my life I suspect. (I only had the demo for Mac years ago and just the one level used to consume my life then. Having all levels available? TIME SINK.)
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              Switching teams at work, so today is new job day but on easy mode!

              Got a new camera arriving in the mail today. It’s a film camera! I hope it arrives when it’s still light out.

              Moving out of my apartment, so I’m packing and planning and trying not to stress.

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                So far, diagnosing a sync failure in a galera cluster with an updated tls cert.

                Tomorrow will be confirming the theory I finally got to at the end of the day, and if it pans out, fixing the issue.

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                  Work: Back home after a work trip where the software worked pretty great, after suitable bludgeoning, right up until the hardware broke. So that project could be better, but at least I’ve done everything I can to make it work.

                  Play: Trying to get my toy operating system to the point where it actually loads and executes at least one userland program, which can make at least one system call (probably exit()). I want call the project Done For Now at the end of the month and go back to programming language things, but it has been a delightful break.

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                    Emanote, the neuron successor, is pretty much done for anything but the Zettelkasten usecase, so I will be thinking about how to do the graph management / visualization part.

                    If you’d like to learn Haskell via hacking on it, checkout the Matrix room link in here.

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                      At work (Wikimedia), this week I’m leading our failover to our secondary datacenter. It’s been nearly a year since our last one, so we get to discover what new parts of our infra aren’t compatible with our active/passive setup.