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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Finally sitting down and learning enough Z3 to begin work on a puzzle I’ve been contemplating for years, looking forward to finally having some proof of concept to show.

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      Still have COVID, so I’m gonna stay home and hack on HardenedBSD and do chores.

      FreeBSD is working on native kernel support for netlink. Problem is that the quality of that code is severely lacking, with a number of NULL derefs, which I’ve fixed downstream in HardenedBSD. I took the time to harden parts of the kernel malloc implementation because of that. I’ve also applied -ftrivial-var-auto-init=zero to key parts of the kernel, including the netlink module. I plan to continue down the path of kernel heap hardening and provide more complete application of trivial auto var init to zero.

      I also hope to finalize the new HardenedBSD build framework and infrastructure work this weekend, opening the path for new mirrors of our installation media. For the first time, we’ll also have mirrors of our OS update artifacts.

      I guess COVID is somewhat beneficial to the project. ;-)

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        Congrats! I work on Linux networking and it’s always so weird to use Unix and not have the “ip” command.

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      I just came into possession of a blade server with all the blades in it for really cheap. My plan is to get that running and figure out some place to put it. It’ll definitely be an interesting project! I’m planning on putting OpenStack or something on it eventually. It’ll be nice to get it all working.

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        Cost? Where’d you find it?

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          I found it at my university’s surplus store for $300

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      More root canal work. If I get some time I want to play around with parsers in OCaml.

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      I want to redo my website this year. It’s… a little stale, and a lot of the stuff I had there wasn’t really aligned with my current interests anymore. They were prompted by a period of my professional life that I’m trying to get over. So last week I’ve finally put the “under construction” sign and let it go.

      I don’t have too much free computer time this weekend so I’m probably going to spend it looking into static site generators. Administering WordPress is… not something I want to deal with, if I go by that route I will not have any time left for any actual work/consulting. I used Pelican for the old website but I wasn’t very happy with it. So I’m probably going to play with the other ones. In particular, I’d like to revisit Hugo.

      I’m not particularly attached to any of them and I’ll happily continue to use Pelican if I can’t find anything better. I’m very much outside the web bubble, so anything that’s not particularly obtuse and can give me a nice “a handful of static pages + a blog with pagination and an archive view” is good enough for me. The primary quality I’m looking for is only having to learn it once – if I have to un-break my stuff at every release I might as well install WordPress.

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        Two weeks ago I started with Zola and so far it has been a very pleasant experience. Not too complicated, but everything you (I) want is easy to arrange.

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          Hey, thanks for the tip! It definitely looks cool and coming from Pelican (and, thus, Python) the “no dependencies” part is pretty attractive to me. I think I played with it a few years ago but it was still a bit too early for my taste, and I wasn’t exactly fluent in Rust at the time. It seems to have come a long way and I’m comfortable with Rust today. I’m also partial to anything that has a .386 theme!

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        I’m probably going to spend it looking into static site generators

        It may do less than you want, but I use and strongly recommend makesite. As its author says, it’s “Simple, lightweight, and magic-free.” If you know Python (which you may if you’ve used Pelican), it’s also easy to adapt to your specific needs if it doesn’t do something you want. (E.g., I added a simple Atom feed in 15-20 lines.)

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          Oh, wow, thanks! makesite actually looks… very much like what I want! I know Python and I don’t mind writing code for some things – in fact, I prefer that to tools that make me chase obscure config variables to get them to play ball with various other tools.

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            Glad if it helps. (As an example, this is my current version of makesite. As I recall, it’s basically the original with a small number of tweaks to fit the structure of my website plus an Atom feed rather than RSS.)

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        static site generators

        I’ve been very happy with GitHub Pages. It’s just a small subset of Jekyll plugins, you push Markdown/templates which they build remotely.

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          Oh, thanks for reminding me of Jekyll! I’ve always been intrigued by it. The only reason I haven’t used it is that I’m completely unfamiliar with Ruby, so I’d have a hard time fixing anything that breaks.

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            I have never written a line of Ruby either, still haven’t. The only thing you need is the YAML config file. If you get into customising your theme you’ll use CSS, HTML, and Liquid which is like a simple HTML preprocessor language.

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        I’d recommend Soupault as it’s more about composing existing tools ala Unix rather than forcing you into a specific syntax or system. Because of this and its static binary distribution, long-term migrations are simpler–or not necessary. I’ve been bitten in the past getting stuck on an old version and it becomes a ton of work to try to upgrade or get the old versions that have a downstream security vulnerability.

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          Oooh, I didn’t know about this one! I like this! I think I’ve seen its author here, too. I like his style.

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            Yep. @dmbaturin ‘s a responsive person too in the #soupault chat on Libera Chat and on the mailing list with a good balance of pragmatics. The project goals I think align really well with the long-term maintenance of a blog–something that’s caused mine to stop and I’ve been (very) slowly rewriting it with Soupault (though now on a small hiatus to see if Djot is going to move in a direction I like).

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      Wrote a blog post on avoiding repeated keypresses in Vim, web browsers, and application switching/launching: https://superjamie.github.io/2023/01/28/repeated-keypresses

      Might work on this SDL tile engine I’ve been doing for a game idea.

      Want to watch both Blade Runner films again after seeing this great analysis of 2049 yesterday: https://youtu.be/OtLvtMqWNz8

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        Regarding the Alt+Tab switching :

        • in Windows & KDE a faster “generic” way to switch windows without Alt+Tab is to use Winkey + numbers . This will “activate” the window according to the taskbar index.

        • the one i’m using is built with AHK. Pressing Ctrl+WinKey+G , for example, checks if Firefox is runing. If it is, it activates the window otherwise it launches it.

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      Working for an hour in the early evening on Saturday to perform maintenance on a DB that we want to do during the through of public traffic to our system.

      Excitedly expecting engineers to come and finally install fiber-to-the-premises broadband. For the last 4 years I’ve been working from home sharing my ~30Mbps down and ~5Mbps up “unlimited broadband” connection with wife and 11yo son.

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        Ah, this is better. As a bonus the engineer arrived early, and was very accommodating and helpful. He was happy laying the fibre to the middle of the house via the loft, so we can get network everywhere without repeaters.

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          congrats :) Also jealous from the Bavarian countryside, where the German Telekom starves you to death, only working if competititon arises, and only as long until the competition dies off.

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        Congrats / Jealous. I only have FTTC, although considering bonding two lines again.

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      • Will try to finish this (nft) token transfers visualiser and add more meaningful metrics in the demo dashboards. Hoping my first customer will land soon (feedbacks appreciated).
      • Go to the gym - been 7 days I didn’t do any exercices and I feel guilty
      • Cook burgers for friends
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      Waiting for monday to hear if the place I applied liked my tech interview task.

      Will probably study some Zig for funsies and do gamin’, as usual.

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      I’m still playing with Hashlife. I’m translating code from this article into Common Lisp, but went down a rabbit hole writing parsers for the different file formats from the LifeWiki. So far I can read and write “Life 1.06” and plain text, and read RLE files.

      The plan for the weekend is to finish writing RLE files, and then finish translating and testing the remaining HashLife code, and then work on some better visualization.

      Also a long bike ride and a long run.

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      Well I’ve stuffed my proof-of-concept type checker into the Garnet compiler and to my surprise nothing seems to have fatally exploded, which is pretty exciting, so I’ll probably be continuing to work on that.

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      I have an idea for a puzzle/strategy video game about scaling a web service from shared hosting up to Web Scale (tm), and I think I’m gonna try to figure out how the mechanics of that game could work. My mood board at the moment kinda consists of Game Dev Tycoon and Mini Metro.

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      Taken a long weekend because why not. Spent Friday walking in Snowdonia (Wales) and then driving round North Wales before heading to stay on my mates boat for the first time this year. Weekend will be merriment and helping him do boat DIY.

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      Doing paperwork and stuff and preworking on a few things. Next week I have a few medical appointments because something seems to be wrong with my heart’s control loop since my COVID infection last july. I am glad that I have records of my cardio rates before and after, otherwise I would be sent home and called a hypochondriac

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      Setting up a thinkcentre I got off ebay for $100 and re-purposing….another thinkcentre I already have for expanding my k8s cluster.

      Going to play with FleetLock since they’re all CoreOS and this would prevent them from rebooting at the same time - hopefully eventually have a Before=shutdown.target systemd unit that drains the node and then another post-boot unit that uncordons the node if it’s cordoned.

      ….and finally I want to try out the synology CSI for k8s to see how that performs, currently using NFS and it isn’t awful but iSCSI would probably be faster.

      Typing that out its pretty ambitious. Oh well!

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      Starting my tax return. I always replicate the forms in Google Sheets and then copy it and over to Free File Fillable Forms (or to PDF forms for state taxes). This year I’m going to try to apply things I learned from You Suck at Excel with Joel Spoelsky. I can’t believe I didn’t know about named ranges before. I wish Google Sheets supported tables like Excel does.